The Art of Law. Themis. We have a long history of taking on difficult cases and fighting hard to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. About us Will Be Your Best Legal Solution COUNSELLORS AT LAW Our unique and personal approach to accessing entitlements and lump sum compensation allows you to prioritise your wellbeing and what is important to you. Our Legal Services

Retainer Legal Services

We shall provide legal services and advocacy to people who need it. They will help you with anything you need within the scope of their law office expertise.

Litigation Services

We shall charge a company for a litigation fee, which is a fee for handling a case. This fee will be charged for things such as court proceedings, police reports, mediation, and arbitration.

Separate Legal Services

We also provides one-time legal services such as reviewing agreements, legal opinion, and warning letter.

Welcome To Themis Law

THEMIS LAW is a full service law firm that our lawyers have strong team both in corporate law and litigation who are trained and experienced as corporate and litigation lawyers represent clients in several years of work.

We have represented our corporate clients in dispute settlement and negotiations when required before the relevant administrative and arbitration tribunals.

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15 Years of Experience in Legal Cases Field

Choosing the right representation for your case is essential. Building a great case starts with choosing the right lawyers you can trust to have your back.

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Our Professional Team Members


Chris Jariko

Founder and Ceo


Alina Kevin

Senior Attorney


Brean Lanthe

Junior Attorney


Polard Andrew

Financial Attorney

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